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Organization and planning

Organization and planning

We get involved in your community so that anything that has to be done is done the best way possible to benefit the whole group.

Like it or not, believe it or not, you form part of your community, which you depend on and interact with. It does not matter if you do not attend your meetings: you belong to it. Vivendoo is changing communities into teams. We ensure this.

Our Administration is in charge of organizing the meetings in a professional way as well as the daily management of the community. It is important to hold meetings in an atmosphere that favors participation, opinions and decision making.

Are your owner´s meetings totally chaotic?

Has it become a nightmare being President of your community?


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The summons, the organization and holding Annual Meetings and necessary Extraordinary Meetings are prepared in order to comply with legal requirements and deal with all issues that neighbours might need.

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Communication is the key to understanding all neighbours. We not only translate but we like to make sure that everyone understands. At our office you can communicate with us in Spanish, English, French and German.

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Conflict resolution

We put a lot of emphasis on solving conflicts when it comes to compliance of rules or conflicts between neighbours in order to quickly solve situations, save time and money. Listen, understand, mediate then resolve.

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24 hour Virtual Office

24 hour access to all community information on our website. You can check minutes, summons, rules, account details, news, etc. All information is visually available in a easy to understand, simple and clear way.

Do you want to improve your community?

We would like to hear from you and start to improve your community

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We are a professional team of the community administrators and our objective is for the communities to be more profitable and more efficient.

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