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Legal Services

Legal Services

Vivendoo guarantees stability and security in your community on legal issues, providing you advice and permanent assistance with the objective of obtaining a peaceful life; and obviously the compliance of the Property Horizontal Law and Civil Code.

Debtors are of vital importance, probably the most common and prolonged problem within the communities of owners. At some time all have suffered this problem. For some it is even a chronic illness. How can this be solved?

Does your community comply with legal regulations?

Are you sure?


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Setting up

We get the community started, dealing with the necessary procedures, totally free of charge: Legalizing, registration at the Land Registry, Tax Office, utility contracts and communal services. Starting off in the correct way is essential to setting a good foundation for a good community.

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Rules and Statutes

We prepare community rules and statutes adapting them to the needs of the community. This allows a good basis for communal living, the day to day living which is so valuable. We make sure that the people that make up the community comply with them, in order to guarantee stability and quality of life.

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Legal and judicial claims against owners in arrears. We do not charge lawyer nor attorney´s provisional fund expenses. All these expenses are charged to the owner debtor when the process finalizes. Claims are handled in Spain as well as in the rest of European countries, since we collaborate with professional lawyers in different countries.

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Legal Assistance

We offer legal advice, including an enquiry service with a reply within 48 hours. We make a commitment with the community and with each and every neighbour. If you have any doubt, Vivendoo will solve it for you. We like our work, we like to work with people and want you to obtain the correct answer.

Do you want to improve your community?

We would like to hear from you and start to improve your community

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We are a professional team of the community administrators and our objective is for the communities to be more profitable and more efficient.

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