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Financial Administration

Financial Administration

The correct management of the accounts, following regulations, accuracy and experience with accounts and debtors are the foundations and pillars of each community. Without this, the rest will not function. In other words conflicts between neighbours will arise because of lack of available funds, debt, and lack of maintenance.

They say that a professional makes their job look easy. This is where we are heading. The accounts of the community are your accounts and therefore everyone should be able to understand them. Transparency with accounts, presented with great care, on time and explained correctly. It is your money, so it has to be cared for and only pay what is fair.

Do you like paying higher community fees because others do not pay?


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Vivendoo gives you a quote for all services the community requires. Quotations for the maintenance of communal services, works, repairs, building works, compliance with regulations or any need or suggestions there might be.

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Professional Accountancy of income and expenses, archiving and safe keeping of documents, preparation of community accounts and financial reports. All accounts are prepared and presented by financial experts and are always at your disposal. We take as much care with a community as a company or family would with their accounts.

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Revision of Accounts

For new clients we include an initial free revision and a financial report on the account statements and financial state of the community. This will allow us to know your financial situation, available funds and the real debt. Knowing the exact situation is essential to start.

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Debt control

Active policy to control arrears. Arrears is like a disease, not only does it have to be cured but it has to be prevented. It seems ridiculous but not everyone knows they are in arrears or they do not know why they have to pay. Our action always heads towards removing the arrears from the list of problems of your community.

Do you want to improve your Community?

We would like to hear from you and start to improve your community

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We are a professional team of the community administrators and our objective is for the communities to be more profitable and more efficient.

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